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greatest life lesson came from her mother and how she treated others

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Julita Marshall of Aurora’s passion is unearthed in creating content that disrupts an industry while learning about what users find value in and use them to achieve those requirements. Julita’s experiences in government, automotive, IT consulting, and utilities have allowed her to enjoy leveraging the playing field by knowing what and how businesses work. She wants to find a full stack position at a company where she can build a team from the ground up that shares the same values. Julita Marshall is passionate about helping people create lasting friendships; that is why she would love to work for an EdTech company.

Julita Marshall of Aurora loves music, food, singing, dancing, traveling, cruising, and spending time with her friends & family.

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Julita Marshall
February 12, 2021

Julita Marshall Discusses Why More Women Than Ever Are Becoming Entrepreneurs

Female entrepreneur Julita Marshall recently discussed why more women than ever are becoming entrepreneurs.    Montgomery, IL / Women now make up about 40 percent of all new entrepreneurs. This proves that more women are becoming entrepreneurs than ever before, and the numbers are expected to continue rising. Female entrepreneur Julita Marshall recently discussed why […]

February 10, 2021

Julita Marshall Discusses Common Challenges Women Entrepreneurs Experience

Julita Marshall recently discussed common challenges women entrepreneurs experience in the business world. More women are becoming entrepreneurs than ever before. Through starting their own business, women are in charge of their pay, work hours, expectations, and so much more. However, women entrepreneurs face several challenges that male entrepreneurs often don’t have to endure. Entrepreneur […]

January 13, 2021

Julita Marshall Discusses Volunteering For Your Local Food Pantry

Philanthropist Julita Marshall recently talked about the many benefits of volunteering for a local food pantry.   Montgomery, IL / Volunteering is rewarding for everyone involved. It greatly benefits the community, and it helps the person doing the volunteering as well. Philanthropist and food pantry volunteer Julita Marshall recently explained why volunteering at your local […]

December 30, 2020

Entrepreneur Julita Marshall Talks About Skills That Can Make You a Better Leader

Entrepreneur Julita Marshall recently discussed several skills that can make you a superior leader in the workplace. Quality leaders are often seen as stern and rigid. Many executives focus on hard skills, like presentation or technical skills, when selecting candidates for a leadership role. However, Julita Marshall explained that soft skills are often overlooked, and […]

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