About Me

Julita Marshall’s greatest life lesson came from her mother and how she treated others. Her mother worked full-time, raised a family, and supported her father, and still seized every opportunity to help others. Julita Marshall’s mom had an incredible work ethic and seemed tireless. Julita can rarely recall her mom sitting down, but she always made the time to help others or volunteer. When Julita Marshall of Aurora began her career, she quickly realized why her mother valued helping others—it brings tremendous fulfillment!

Facilitating customers, clients, and team members' successes have provided Julita Marshall of Aurora with the most professional fulfillment, which is where her professional passion lives. For the curious, Julita Marshall transitioned from the Human Resources Arena. She continues to value empathy, compassion, diversity, communication, and curiosity. Julita recently received her certificate of Full Stack Engineering from Kenzie Academy in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Julita Marshall of Aurora’s passion is unearthed in creating content that disrupts an industry while learning about what users find value in and use them to achieve those requirements. Julita’s experiences in government, automotive, IT consulting, and utilities have allowed her to enjoy leveraging the playing field by knowing what and how businesses work. She wants to find a full stack position at a company where she can build a team from the ground up that shares the same values. Julita Marshall is passionate about helping people create lasting friendships; that is why she would love to work for an EdTech company.

Julita Marshall of Aurora loves music, food, singing, dancing, traveling, cruising, and spending time with her friends & family.


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