Julita Marshall Discusses Volunteering For Your Local Food Pantry

Julita Marshall

January 13, 2021

Philanthropist Julita Marshall recently talked about the many benefits of volunteering for a local food pantry.


Montgomery, IL / Volunteering is rewarding for everyone involved. It greatly benefits the community, and it helps the person doing the volunteering as well. Philanthropist and food pantry volunteer Julita Marshall recently explained why volunteering at your local food pantry could significantly benefit you.


“There is an endless number of volunteer opportunities available at local food banks, and the need for assistance never diminishes,” Julita Marshall said.


Julita Marshall (18)

Julita Marshall of Aurora explained that 51 percent of all food programs rely entirely on volunteers. That means that if volunteers aren’t helping, more than half of the programs wouldn’t be able to function. Julita Marshall added there are countless jobs for volunteers to perform, including sorting and packing food for distribution, assisting at drive-thru pantries, and delivering meals.


“In the year 2020, you don’t necessarily have to leave home to volunteer at your local food pantry,” Julita Marshall of Aurora said. “Due to the pandemic as well as advances in technology, many food banks have begun adding online volunteer opportunities.”


Julita Marshall stated that volunteers could work online to spread awareness for their local food banks and fundraising efforts. She explained that any actions that could help a local food bank could significantly reduce food insecurity and hunger. Julita Marshall of Aurora added that many people don’t understand how extensive the difficulties of food insecurity and hunger are, even in communities where it may appear that they don’t exist.


Many people who seek aid at a food bank face life-threatening illnesses and healthcare costs that make it difficult for them to afford even the most basic essentials, including food. Other community members work low-wage jobs and are simply unable to afford the amount of food needed for their family members. Julita Marshall of Aurora explained that food banks are essential in helping combat these food shortages so that families can eat, lifting some of the physical and financial struggles of hunger.


“Volunteering at my local food pantry has been an enriching experience to me,” Julita Marshall said. “I’m grateful to be able to help my local community, and the relationships I’ve built throughout my time there have been some of my most valuable.”


Julita Marshall of Aurora believes she has received as many benefits from volunteering as the people she has helped. She has created lifelong relationships and received great gratification from the hours she spends aiding the local community.